„Gustavo Ketupec “ music and song maker was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. Did different music projects and played in different places, clubs, festivals worlwide. Working in different kind of projects, as songs, insturmental music, experimental musicm connection-dimnensional music (music which makes a very personal inside travell and deep connection with the nature ) mediation music.  He did two Cds in Argentina and four cds in Berlin, Germany, two with the band he created in Berlin, Pescadores de ventanas. , then one piano Album and three more EP releases. He works at the same time in his Solo project creating diverse music in different own styles. His music is being played in hundred of radio stations worldwide. He played already hundred of concerts and already played in some of the most known places in Berlin, like Quasimodo, Kulturbrauerei, Kaffee Burger. He played in international Festivals like „Bardentreffen Festival“(Nürnberg, Germany), Sylt Festival, (Sylt, Germany), März Musik Festival (Berlin, Germany), Altonale Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Karneval der Kulturen, (Berlin, Festival), Fête de la musique (Greifswald, Germany), Feria de San Marcos Festival (Mexico), Festival de Aguas Calientes (Mexico), UNAM (Mexico). Do also some shows with music improvisations creating in the playing time the music with new structures. He s publishing now different music in internet albums and working also with a new kind of music which is a sound-travell making an intensive inside travell and connection with the nature and the energy of the public to canalize in different dimensions of perception.

He played in different countries as Mexico, England, Argentina, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Brasil. He is actually traveling all over the world. Spoken languages English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.


„Nuevo exilio Argentino “  Argentina

„Pensanndo en otra forma “ Berlin, Germany.

„Pescadores de ventanas “

„Piano Album“

„Dimensions “ (piano)




Ketupec Songs

Berlin single

Piano space







„imágenes * Short roman

„Sensible Ombú “ (short stories )

„Punto de enfoque“ (essai)